Three Words… for Now.

Three Words… for Now.

Chris Brogan talks about choosing his three words for the year. I don’t usually do formal things like that, as the formality of them seems almost stilted and far too much like limitations than opportunities. However, I do get the idea… and while I may have more than three total at different times of the year (hell, different times of the day), it may be good to think about some words as ‘guides’.

For my initial three:

Time: it is the most valuable currency we have, and the one we most frivolously waste.

Teach: Not only what I know, but what I can do to help others know. Teaching is far more than a technique – it is an attitude.

Reflection: Looking ahead gives us opportunity, in the moment gives us choice… reflecting back helps us understand the context of both the opportunities and the choices. And that prepares us for looking ahead.

Those are my “3”… for now.

What are yours?

Project 52 PRO Site

Project 52 PRO Site


I needed to freshen up the Project 52 site and get it out from behind a “Login” situation. Being able to share the amazing work of the photographers involved is now something that is consuming my time… and it is paying off.

Interest in next year’s Project 52 is getting very high, and this was the point of the site. I want photographers to have a friendly, warm community to nurture their creativity and image creation process.

Visit the site at


Bruce Bullied Real Estate ‘Leave Behind’

Bruce Bullied Real Estate ‘Leave Behind’

Bruce Bullied Real Estate ‘Leave Behind’


Bruce Bullied is an emerging photographer in Winnipeg (CA).

He is looking to create some steady cash flow with real estate photography, eventually expanding to adding corporate and editorial work. This flyer is a 6″ x 11″ leave behind for his work.

The plan is to drop them off with agents who show the higher end real estate.

This type of photography is not the highest paying, but it can be somewhat steady if the photographer consistently delivers and can manage their time.

You can see more of Bruce’s work at his website:

AVCA Ad for Dimensional Software

AVCA Ad for Dimensional Software

Dimensional Software makes apps for Volleyball Coaches.

This is a redo of this year’s ad for the insert of a College Volleyball Coaches Association meeting. I added info on new pricing, as well as booth information.

> Art Direction
> Design
> Photography
> Logo Design
> Copywriting



Permission VS Ownership

Permission VS Ownership


Permission vs Ownership.

Have you ever thought… gee, I wish I could do that. Or, I wish I could I could just do something the way I want to do it. Without the fear of rejection and a flood of ad-hominem critics?

Are you asking for permission to be a photographer, or a designer or a business owner?
Are you asking for permission to do it your way?
Are you asking for permission to do it in a way that may not be the most popular way?

Well stop it.

No one is going to give you permission.

Because it is not theirs to give.

You don’t need permission to shoot Micro 4/3 cameras. You don’t need permission to create a business plan. You don’t need permission to start an online store, or create something you love to do every day.

You don’t need permission to take business classes, workshops, seminars or mentoring engagements from those who never have.

You don’t need permission to start a business if you are ready, or to quit one if you are not.

You don’t need permission to succeed, to write a book, take a class, learn to paint, travel to places you have never been before.

You don’t need to seek approval from those who will never give it for reasons you will never know.

The crowd wants to lead you to their path. It makes them more comfortable when you walk the same roads they do, make the same choices they do, and offer up the same product they do. The comfort is in the herd, and outsiders make them nervous.

Your choice of getting permission, and being led to the ‘path of the mediocre’ makes them very happy. It gives them tacit approval and ‘permission’ to keep on that same path.

You do not need permission, you need ownership.

Ownership is taking the path YOU want to take. Making a life the way YOU want to make it. Your way. Your style. Your vision.

Even if that vision is not the most popular. And – even if it is.

The fear of not getting permission to fail, to try, to exceed, to go on your own is debilitating, and – in the end – certainly not real.

Own your choices, learn from them and keep moving forward.

Do not ask for permission.

And do not give it.