I work with entrepreneurs and emerging businesses to develop visual media strategies and social media platforms. Visuals are more important than ever these days, and understanding it all can be dreadfully difficult on your own.

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I absolutely love teaching. I have two projects I work on. Lighting Essentials is a blog-zine for emerging photographers. Weekly features and lots of tutorials and instruction. Project 52 is an online workshop for photographers

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I have written three books for Amhearst Media, and self published an Ebook on photography. Writing is a big part of my life. I am currently working on two books – one non-fiction and one fiction (a novel… heh).

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I have been a commercial photographer for nearly 40 years. You can see my portfolios and find out about workshops I am teaching at my website. Available for editorial assignments world wide. I’m ready to go.

Don Giannatti Photography

Visual Strategist, Designer, Photographer, and Author, Don Giannatti

Hi, my name is Don and as I said, I do like to make stuff.

I have been a commercial photographer, a musician, a teacher, an author, and a designer. This is a unique group of specialties, and I use them all when working toward building your visual media strategy. I love jazz and classical music, roadtrippin’, hiking in northern Arizona and southern Utah, travel and Mexican food.

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What is a visual strategy?

Visual media is photography, illustration, graphics… the way things look. Did you know that Instagram and Pinterest may be the most powerful social platforms for marketing creatives?

Visual media strategy is important.

It defines the look of your business, and that look is interpreted all over the world in this crazy global economy. They may not understand the words, but they get what you are trying to say from how you visually present it.