Many of us struggle with the roller coaster of marketing then getting busy – when you are busy you don’t market, so then you get not busy and start marketing – cycle up again.

The key is to create a working plan, commit it to a calendar and then MAKE those commitments as important as anything else you do.

Blog posts can be readied when you are not busy, and quickly inserted when things are hectic. Keeping the blog / journal / news section going is important. If you stop, you look like you are not busy instead of the other way around. (I use Editorial Calendar to automate that process.)

Direct mail can be handled by a mail house pretty inexpensively. Have the cards all ready to go, and they will drop them on dates you have pre-determined.

Email newsletters can also be set to go out at a pre-determined time. You can be on location in Saskatchewan and know that your newsletter went out on the date you wanted it to although you are eyeballs deep in snow.

If you are an ardent twitterererer…(?) you can use tweetdeck or hootsuite to automate that process and have them go out on predetermined times/dates as well. Keeping that flow is important if twitter is part of your arsenal.

Linkedin is becoming more and more viable as a place for photographers and there too you can time release content.

Behance should be an as you go situation – adding content as often is it is deemed ready and should be part of your process:
Edit / Cull / Re-edit / Choose / Process / Website portfolio / blog / Behance. I use a folder on my desk for all I like as I am pre-processing. I edit that group later for what I want to show.

The roller coaster of marketing / working is one we can manage more on the marketing than on the working, so design a good system and then… and this is important so listen up… then USE the darn thing.