Let’s Chat…

We don’t actually have to be sitting in some smoky jazz bar (although that would be cool, eh…) – we have the luxury of technology.

I use GoToMeeting or Skype or PopExpert… whatever works – and we get together for about an hour to discuss your challenges. And to brainstorm an idea or two for you to use right away.

Not later this year, or when cash-flow gets better… RIGHT NOW. Time doesn’t wait for anyone… it keeps on moving, and if we sit on our asses long enough, it will move right on by us – leaving dust in our hair, and that faint smell of burning oil – Father Time probably drives an old clunker.

Or maybe a chopped Harley… I can see Ol’ Father “Ticker” Time ridin’ with his ape hanger bars and a cool old FuManchu mustache… hanging with the biker guys and keepin’ on keepin’ on… Rock on, Father Time Dude.

Hey – sorry, that whole time thing gets real interesting after a certain amount of birthdays.

Anyway… here is how it works. You send me some bucks through Paypal and we meet online for an hour. You bring questions, I bring me. We chat, we yell, we plan and we set up action plans that you are gonna do. You got that part, right? You commit!

We don’t just chat and you go back to your old ways.


(Look, I didn’t want to have to go here, but you leave me no choice. I have a zombie army… and they will be watching. OK, nothing too scary, but then… they are zombies.)

How much does this cost?

Sixty bucks for the first hour.

Not bad, eh?

And if you want some follow up time after that, we can work out the details and get that going. I am quite happy to work on short term projects as well as longer engagements. Decide what you are comfortable with when we chat.

Who needs to buy me a beer? Well, you would be one of these folks:

> Photographers who need to discuss the changes in the business, and how to stop being swept along in the BS of the pixel peepers and gear-heads.

> Entrepreneurs who want to discuss the viability of their idea. I listen to a lot of pitches, and am pretty good at asking the questions you should be answering. Or, you know, you can go out half-cocked and get those questions when your ass is on the line.

> People thinking about an online business, and have no idea where to start, or how to start. We can clear that up pretty fast. You’ll still have to jump through the hoops and dance the dance, but you can prepare the steps before the music gets going.

> Groupies. “Nuff said.

“Let’s have a beer” meets at PopExpert. Pick a time and let’s chat.
(NOTE: If there are no times scheduled there, drop me a note and I will get back to you with some time slots.)

Photographer Mentoring (Consulting) Program
Photographer Mentoring (Consulting) Program

This is a one-on-one mentoring program for commercial photographers wanting to start out right. We work on portfolio building, client acquisition, and marketing. We develop your marketing list and get all materials together for email campaigns, direct mail and web portfolios.

This is a long form mentoring program and is generally a 6 month engagement.

We meet twice per month for 6 months, and you shoot assignments and personal projects to build the portfolio out in a way that will engage possible clients and editors.

(Note: this is focused on commercial photographers, not consumer photographers. I am not a wedding/portrait Photographer and am not the best person to work with on that type of photography.)

By portfolio submission only, but I do work with emerging and beginning photographers. Contact me for more information or to schedule a review for acceptance.

Website Review
Website Review for Small Business / Creative Entrepreneurs


A detailed review of your current website with page by page analysis of:

  • Graphics
  • Copy
  • Call to Action
  • Navigation
  • SEO (Review of what is currently being done)
  • Examples of what can be done to increase visibility)
  • Up to 5 (five) Pages Reviewed

Then in a one on one consult, we look at what can be done to make the site better. These are ideas that can be implemented
by your designer, your team, or you to make significant improvements to your list building efforts or conversions.

One Hour Review and One Hour Consult: $250
One Hour Review and Two Hour Consult: $450

Contact me to set up the call. I use or GOTOWEBINAR so we can record visual and audio for you.

602 814 1468


Full Mentoring Sessions are available for emerging photographers or photographers wishing to build a better, more powerful portfolio. These sessions are generally 3 – 6 months and are incredibly intensive. Each session is tailored to the individual photographer’s needs.

Call me for more information: 602 814 1468