Site Redesign: Pro Digital Image

Site Redesign: Pro Digital Image

PRO-DIGITAL-IMAGEMy bud Steve Burger is the driving force of Pro Digital Image. He is a Photoshop genius who loves to make photographs, awesome prints, and teach. He has been THE guy to go to for Photoshop in Phoenix and Arizona for more than a decade.

I have built all of his websites, and the newest one does a bit of rebranding for him as well. Steve has been teaching classes of 10 – 12 weekly for 15 years. He has recently seen the numbers for those classes go down, while the calls for him to do one-on-one have risen exponentially.

We addressed that with this website. I waited till the last scheduled group class had been started, then went after the rebrand with all that I needed.


Steve had sent the images we were going to use for backgrounds, and I had created a wireframe for how the site would fit together. I then re-wrote some of the copy he had on the previous site and added some new words for his changed business model.

Having all the content ahead of time sure made it easier to build the site. Having the site plan/wireframe ready also helped me build quickly.

To give the site a modern look and change it dramatically from the previous site, I chose a Parallax style one page approach. There are behind the scenes pages (payment/ordering and such) but for the most part it is a single page utilizing a long scroll, point navigation, and large, colorful background imagery.

It is always fun to work with friends to keep their marketing moving forward, and this work for Steve was no exception. I have been working on a new logo, and should have that in place by the first of the year.

In the meantime – if you are in Phoenix or Arizona and want to see dramatic improvement in your Photoshop skills, give Steve a call. He also works with visitors to the valley as well.



A Fresh Face for J Morgan Images

A Fresh Face for J Morgan Images

We made a few simple tweaks to J Morgan Images, a consumer photography website by photographer Jessica Edler.

You can see what we did and keep these few ideas in mind. Get your clients and visitors STRAIGHT to the imagery. Do not use ‘cover pages’ or ‘entry pages’ as they are akin to protecting the viewer. A simple change of the template provides a much more modern and fresh approach for her website.


Big Images on Websites: The Truth

Big Images on Websites: The Truth

From the article on Crazy Egg:

“It is easy to see why this is becoming a regular practice among websites, it gives your site a very sexy look.


A good looking website is one of the first aspects of your site that your visitor responds to, both consciously and subconsciously. The background image, when used appropriately, is an easy way to give your site a sleek look without compromising major real estate.


A well-known conversion killer is stock photography, and the mega image trend requires companies to invest in quality, original photography. With a renewed focus on how photography impacts conversions, the mega image trend has eliminated one of the long-time conversion faux pas.”

It is sometimes easy to look for the cheap way out. And with all the free imagery out there, it is simple to find free and very cheap images.

But if they do not work for your website and actually drive people away, their value becomes contradictory – and they become a liability. One you chose.

Choose wisely.

Steve Burger’s ProDigitalImage Gets a New Business Section

Steve Burger’s ProDigitalImage Gets a New Business Section

We recently helped set up a new business section for ProDigitalImage. The “TurnKey Post Production” has been a hit for Steve Burger.

This new addition to his website allows for people to hire him to work on their images. We used a very simple and easy solution of DropBox and PayPal to allow for the start-up nature of the business.



I also designed the logo and the website.